The Shelby County Veterans Treatment Court is currently seeking veterans to serve as mentors to fellow veterans that have violated the community trust by committing a felony or misdemeanor offense. The mission of the Mentoring Program is to support the veteran through their readjustment to civilian life, to assist the veteran navigate through the court, treatment, and VA system, and to act as a friend and ally through this difficult time.

Mentor Training is facilitated for veterans that are interested in becoming Veterans Treatment Court Mentors. The one-day training will provide current or prospective mentors with the tools to properly assist the veteran treatment court participants.

What is a Veterans Treatment Court?

Veterans Treatment Court is a specialty court that provides treatment and other services to justice involved veterans who may struggle with substance use and/or mental health issues. The veteran treatment courts use a non-adversarial approach to assist veterans that have found themselves in the criminal justice system toward a productive life free of crime. The courts assist the veterans with obtaining resources such as VA benefits, housing, and employment among other things.

What is the Role of a Mentor in Veterans Treatment Court?

A mentor is someone that is currently or previously served in the military that is willing to support the participant while they matriculate through veterans’ treatment court. Mentors assist veterans with obtaining their VA benefits, transportation, and other services in addition to providing emotional support. Although mentors provide emotional support, they are not counselors and should only serve as an advocate for those they mentor.

What are the expectations for a mentor?

  • Participate in and lead mentoring sessions when assigned by the Judge
  • Be supportive and understanding of the difficulties the Veteran participants are facing
  • Assist the Veteran participants to resolve their concerns about the court
  • Assist the Veteran participants in accessing and navigating the Veterans Affair system
  • Be supportive and helpful to other Veteran mentors • Communicate with the VTC Director and Judge

If Interested, Contact Lonnie Latham ( Phone (901-258-5151) Click: