Shelby County Veterans Court

We offer Justice through treatment. By providing treatment instead of Jail time.

The Application Process   

  1. Complete the program application
  2. Submit the application to Veterans Court Office case managers
    1. Submit DD214 if Available (If not order one here)
  3. Case Managers will evaluate Veteran eligibility and will submit Veteran/case information to DAs office for assessment. Veterans Court staff will meet every Wednesday of the month to discuss Applications. Veteran must be approved by the DA office by both the releasing court and Veteran court
  4. Attorneys and Veterans can check application status in  the Veterans Courtroom
  5. Veterans will enter the program on the second and fourth Thursday of each month
  6. If accepted, the Veteran will make an appointment for an entrance interview with a Veterans Court case manager
  7. After the entrance interview, Veterans will meet with the VA outreach representative for program assessment
  8. Veterans will attend a program orientation


Please contact Sarah Klibert if you have any questions or want updates on your application. You can also come by our office.