Is Veterans Court a Viable Option for Your Client?

Veterans Court is a viable and appropriate alternative to incarceration for certain criminal defendants.  Decisions will be made objectively and balanced with the mission to keep the community safe.  The Veterans Court Program has established eligibility requirements based on the target population and in accordance with current federal and Tennessee Statutes.

All admissions to the Veterans Court program will be decided upon a case by case basis, taking into consideration all pertinent facts, evidence, law, and offender circumstances.

  • The Shelby County Veterans Court targets male and female veterans with substance abuse and/or mental health issues who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Defendants may apply to Veterans Court at any time prior to sentencing
  • Probationer who becomes subject to an application to accelerate or revoke their probation may be admitted to Veterans Court.
  • Defendants must have at least one year remaining on their probationary period if already on probation, or agree to extend their probation period.


About the author

Cantrece Hayslett
Mental Health Services Coordinator
Shelby County Veterans Court