New Veteran Orientation

Shelby County Veterans Court Orientation

All Veterans coming into the Shelby County Veterans Court program must attend New Veteran Orientation within the first 14 days. Orientation is conducted on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

Information and Documentation

  • Distribution of the Participant Handbook
  • Explanation of rules of the program
  • Discussion of the ability to withdraw from program
  • Handbook Acknowledgement Receipt Form
  • Review of program forms

Phase Advancement and Promotion

A minimum of 12 months of active treatment is required for participants to complete all four phases of the program. 

Phase I: Stabilization and Orientation                Attend Court Every Week    (4-8 Weeks)

Phase II: Intensive Treatment                           Attend Court Every 2 Weeks (16-24 Weeks)

Phase III: Recovery Skills Development            Attend Court Every 3 Weeks (12-24 Weeks)

Phase IV: Community Transition                       Attend Court Every 4 Weeks (8-12 Weeks)

**Veterans are allowed to skip phases if they finish requirements early


Three Required Meetings with MHS Coordinator

Interview to review progress in program, determine promotion into the next phase, establish professional and personal goals.

  • Entrance interview/Orientation
  • Life Skills Interview (Phase 3)
  • Exit Interview

How Do You Find an AA Meeting?

  • Ask another Veteran in Program
  • Ask Case Manager

Mentor Program

Life Skills Requirement

Justice for Vets/VA Outreach –  Contact Ms. Pat Hines to schedule meeting

The Vet Center - All combat vets must go to the Vet Center until told not to go.

About the author

Cantrece Hayslett
Mental Health Services Coordinator
Shelby County Veterans Court