The Veteran Mentor Program

Recruitment Policy

The VC Mentor & Resource Coordinator assumes the majority of the responsibility for recruiting new mentors.  The VC team, its collaborative partners and current veteran mentors are strongly encouraged to refer highly respectable and reputable veterans to the VC Mentor Program.  Additionally, VC team members and veteran mentors are strongly encouraged to attend and host informational sessions and training for perspective mentors

Recognition and Awards

At least once a year all mentors will be recognized for their role in the Shelby County Veterans Treatment Court.  The VC Mentor Coordinator is responsible for planning and implementing recognition activities

The VC Veteran Mentor & Resource Coordinator

The Mentor Coordinator is essential in maintaining the success of the VC Mentor Program.  The Mentor Coordinator is responsible for recruiting prospective mentors, screening and selecting candidates, and educating them about Veterans Court.  The Mentor Coordinator is also responsible for individual and group supervision as well as scheduling mentors to be present during court proceedings.  The Mentor Coordinator also coordinates all activities with the court team staff, court coordinator, and the Judge.